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Local business owners are facing a tough economy. The rules of marketing and sales are changing at a frantic pace and it is becoming ever difficult to obtain and retain customers. As the days go by and we evolve along with our technology, this road is not going to get any easier. Local businesses are losing out to big box stores in the name of availability, convenience and price. But there is another piece of the puzzle that we all yearn for, but very few business owners work to achieve. The power of creative intangibles. The things that make your business unique.

Too many local businesses are marketing like it is 2004 in a 2014 world and it is costing them valuable money and not providing desired and traceable results. We look at the problem differently. We think every local business has something to offer that the big box stores cannot. Instead of thinking of local businesses at a disadvantage, we look at the areas where local businesses have a major advantage. Local businesses are able to adapt quickly, be more creative and tell a better story. These advantages, when used correctly, can transform locally-owned businesses into crucial parts of the local economy.

Our services are structured around using the advantages that local business has to offer to build a community of customers that cannot live without you. Your customers want to tell their friends about you. Let us give them a story worth telling.


Josh Layhue


“Change almost never fails because it’s too early.

It almost always fails because it’s too late.”

-Seth Godin




Your business has significant potential. You can feel that. So why isn’t your business growing exponentially month after month? Is it the market? Is it the economy? Is it YOU?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Every business owner struggles with this question.

Whether you are struggling to get new customers or having trouble retaining the ones you have, we’ll help you understand the holes in your funnel that are letting valuable opportunities slip away.

We sit down with each company that we work with to understand the ways they are currently reaching and retaining customers. We know you’ve spent hard-earned dollars and worked long hours & late nights to build your business. We understand that no one knows your business to the depths that you do.

We’re not trying to change your business. We only want to make sure you’re spending your hours and dollars as effectively as possible. Our customers have told us that this phase alone is worth the cost of our program.











You may think your business is suffering from lack of new customers. However, if your business is like most other businesses, the primary problem is not new customer acquisition, but instead a problem with customer retention.

What if every person that came into your business came back again – and again – and again?

We can definitely help you get new customers. We handle that as part of Phase 1. But, if you are unable to retain customers then all that work is for nothing.

Phase 2 focuses solely on techniques to retain the customers that come in your door. In other words, we will help you figure out how to make your customers happy so they want to come back even if they don’t need to come back.

This portion of the project takes work and is only for committed business owners. If that’s you, click below to find out more.













Growth used to be easy. Before text messaging and before people figured out how to use the internet, if I wanted my message to spread I just bought a bigger billboard or a better time slot on the local radio.

The problem is this method is no longer cost effective. Sure, I can still get a few customers by putting up a billboard, but most people are looking down at their phones as they drive buy it. These methods are no longer cost effective ways to reach customers.

But there are modern, cost-effective ways to reach customers and the local businesses that implement these methods first will win.

Consumers don’t shop or share the way that they did even five years ago. We live in an on-demand society. We’ve studied the techniques that work and help you implement the methods that will best help your business grow by creating a community of people that can’t help but share your story with their circle of influence.

By the time we finish this phase, you will have the pieces in place to allow a community to grow around your business that can’t help but share your products and services with the world.



We have families and we understand the stress of paying bills and meeting budgets. Our goal is to make this program as cost-effective as possible. Consultants that are doing half the work we are doing charge $20,000 to $50,000!

Even though this program is incredibly priced for the value that it will add to your company, we understand that every financial circumstance is unique so we provide payment options available for every one of our customers!


If you can commit to growing your business for 90-days, you can see amazing results that will last for years to come.

If you can’t find the time to commit for this period of time, we strongly recommend that you find another course. We are not a get rich quick factory. We build real business with proven techniques.


Of course we can’t – mainly because success will take work on your part and we can’t guarantee that you are willing to do that. But just so you can have peace of mind, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our services. There is no risk on your part.

We can’t guarantee results, but we have proven time and again that the techniques work – if you’re willing to give them a try!


  • Custom Phase 1 Implementation
  • Basic Phase 2 Evaluation
  • Basic Phase 3 Evaluation
  • Basic Online Business Evaluation
  • Sales Funnel Analysis
  • One Hour Community Building Discussion


  • Custom Phase 1 Implementation
  • Custom Phase 2 Implementation
  • Custom Phase 3 Implementation
  • Up to 40 Hours of Consulting Services
  • Custom Community Building
  • Advanced Marketing Skills Training

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