Local and online need to co-exist.

Over 82% of local business shoppers say that they found and decided on places to shop by searching on their smart phone. Over 88% of shoppers said they don't buy from a store until they research it online.

Less than 3% of local small businesses have websites that track conversion. Fewer than 2% research and update their online presence on a regular basis.

There is a huge disconnect between where people are looking to spend their money and how small businesses are showing up to be the answer. What if you were able to tap into just a fraction of those customers? A large percentage of the population is sick of buying from large corporations and big box stores. They want to know the person they are buying from. But when they find you online (IF they can find you online), your first impression is your online presence.

I've spent 15 years in the online market space from the technical side and the last 6 years from a marketing side. I've been taken by the same over-priced, under-producing web designers as you. I've been promised products that would fix my business overnight just like you.

Our team doesn't fix businesses. We especially don't do it over night. Instead, we give local businesses the best opportunity to be discovered online in such a way that will drive customers to use your products and services.

We help you close the gap between your current reality and your overall potential.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

Like many writers, I write for myself. Not because I have a Kanye West sized ego, but because that's all I know. My hope is that somehow through my daydreams, musings, introspections and prose you will find the tiniest spark of enthusiasm to awaken your soul into a crusade of impulsive creativity.

If nothing more, I hope you find my writing entertaining and reflective of the lives we lead and the turmoils we face.

Whether you love it or hate it here, I submit my gratitude to you wholeheartedly for allowing me to share my online stage.

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." --Andy Warhol


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